When The Unthinkable Happens: Responding To A Tragedy On Campus

In the wake of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, it is vital that school/campus faculty and staff know how to respond to a violent situation. This type of incident is unpredictable, and your immediate response depends on the situation you face. The following guidelines are based upon the best practices established by law enforcement experts.

| Exit The Building |
  • If it is possible to do so safely, exit the building immediately when you become aware of an incident, moving away from the immediate path of danger, and take the following steps:
    1. Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately.
    2. Evacuate to a safe area away from danger, and take protective cover.
    3. Call 911
    4. Provide as much information as you can to the dispatcher.
    5. Stay there until assistance arrives.
    6. Individuals not immediately impacted by the situation are to take protective cover, staying away from windows and doors until notified otherwise.
| If You Cannot Exit |
  • If you are directly involved in an incident adn exiting the building is not possible, the following actions are recommended:
    1. Go to the nearest room or office.
    2. Close and lock the door.
    3. Turn off the lights.
    4. Seek protective cover.
    5. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room.
    6. Do not answer the door.
    7. Notify 911 if it is safe to do so and provide them with your location and a description of the incident.
    8. Wait for local police or security to assit you out of the building.
- The Hackett Security Team

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