Times Are Good And Hackett Security Is Now Hiring :

Position Scope & Responsibility :

Sales Representative :

As an employee of Hackett Security, the Sales Representative will be responsible for selling and representing a broad spectrum of alarm products, calling on prospective customers and developing new leads. The sales process will be comprised of prospecting for potential customers, pricing/estimating projects and serving as the primary customer service contact for your clientele. The Sales Representative will work out of our Ladue office and travel to clients and potential clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Sales Manager :

As an employee of Hackett Security. the Sales Manager will be responsible for motivating, educating, encouraging and supporting the sales staff into exceeding their sales goals and making the most of their individual talents, building commitment by facilitating team communication and moral, developing and implementing strategies that successfully target potential customers and delivering ongoing product training and education to sales staff.

Requirements & Experience :

Sales Representative :

General sales experience is required; experience in security sales is a plus! Product knowledge of DSC, Napco, Ademco, GE-Security, Bosch, Kalatel, Panasonic is a definite plus but not necessary.

Position requires professional ethics, appearance and demeanor. Position also requires outstanding oral and written English communication skills and the ability to make an impressive sales presentation with good follow-up skills. Basic mathematical skills with the ability to calculate discounts, proportions, percentages, areas and volumes are required.

Employees must be self-motivated, able to work independently and demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and manage time.

Position requires the ability to perform the following functions:

Design and estimate systems
Prepare quotes
Give sales presentations
Prepare and finalize agreements
Coordinate scheduling with installation department

Sales Manager :

Same requirements as above plus:

Previous management experience in a fast-growing organization
Proven track record of recruiting and developing successful sales teams
Ability to develop and implement process/system improvements

Please visit our website and go to the contact page to email us your resume:

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Avoid Cashier Check Scams - from Security Products

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued an advisory recently that provides advice to help consumers avoid becoming victims of scams involving cashier's checks.

The consumer advisory was issued in response to a growing incidence of scams involving cashier's checks. In most of these cases, individuals receive a cashier's check and are asked to deposit the check into their account, wait until funds become available and then wire some part of the funds from their account to a third party, often in a foreign country.

Although the amount of a cashier's check quickly becomes "available" for withdrawal by the consumer after the consumer deposits the check, these funds do not belong to the consumer if the check proves to be fraudulent. It may take weeks to discover that a cashier's check is fraudulent. In the meantime, the consumer may have irrevocably wired the funds to a scam artist or otherwise used the funds -- only to find out later, when the fraud is detected -- that the consumer owes the bank the full amount of the cashier's check that had been deposited.

A cashier's check is an instrument issued and sold by a bank, and is a direct obligation of the bank. For decades, cashier's checks have been used as a trusted form of payment to consumers for goods and services.

"Cashier's checks serve an important purpose in the financial marketplace, but we are starting to see an increasing number of scams involving these instruments," said Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan. "In most cases, consumers can avoid becoming victims by remembering that, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In addition, our advisory provides a number of specific tips about the types of scams we are seeing today."

There are a number of known scams involving cashier's checks, many involving an unexpected windfall. In one, the victim is advised that he has won a foreign lottery and that the proceeds will be sent to him once the taxes or fees are paid. A cashier's check is provided to cover those charges, and the victim is asked to deposit the check, wait until it clears and then wire funds to cover the taxes and fees. In most cases, the wire transfer is directed to an account in a foreign bank.

While it can be very difficult for consumers to know if a cashier's check is fraudulent, the OCC guidance details a number of specific steps consumers can take to protect themselves, including these:
  • Try to know the people with whom you do business. When possible, verify information about the buyer from an independent third party such as a telephone directory. Be cautious about accepting checks -- even a cashier's check -- from people that you do not know, especially since it may be difficult to pursue a remedy if the transaction goes wrong.
  • When you use the Internet to sell goods or services, consider other options such as escrow services or online payment systems rather than payment by a cashier's check.
  • If you do accept a cashier's check for payment, never accept a check for more than your selling price if you are expected to pay the excess to someone else. Ask yourself why the buyer would be willing to trust you, who may be a perfect stranger, with funds that properly belong to a third party.
  • A cashier's check is less risky than other types of checks only if the item is genuine. If you can, ask for a cashier's check drawn on a bank with a branch in your area.
  • If you want to find out whether a check is genuine, call or visit the bank on which the check is written. That bank will be in a better position to tell you whether the check is one they issued and is genuine.
  • Know the difference between funds being available for withdrawal from your account and a check having finally cleared. Your bank may be required by law to make funds available to you even if the check has not yet cleared. However, it could take several weeks to know if the check will clear or not.

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Hackett Security At The St. Louis University Billikens vs. University of North Carolina Game!

Hackett Security had the pleasure to attend the St. Louis University vs. The University of North Carolina game at the Scottrade Center on December 22nd. Not only that but we were featured on the Scottrade JumboTron!

We thought that we would share a couple of images for with you. Enjoy!

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