Interesting Campus Safety Magazine Articles In Regards To Recent Events :

Campus Safety Magazine and The Chronicle of Higher Education both have a couple of good articles on campus and school security. While we offer the services mentioned within the articles, I am not sharing these links for business purposes. In light of the recent events in Virgina, it is very important to have an up to date security system in place, regardless if we or any number of our competitors puts this system into place for you.

Network Video Has the Right Answers :
IP video has new capabilities that make it much more accessible, user-friendly and generally more flexible than ever before. All of these features, in turn, render it a powerful tool for enhancing security efforts in the K-12 campus environment.

Advancing Campus Access Control One Door at a Time :
Installing an access control system for future growth is every bit as important as making sure it is backwards compatible. Whether deploying standalone electronic locks, networked and/or integrated systems, or high-level technology such as biometrics, campuses should adopt solutions that can accommodate their changing needs.

Campus Safety Gains Sharper Vision With New Breed of Surveillance Cameras :
The cameras are hooked up to computer software that can recognize a person with arms in the air, or a vehicle moving suspiciously slowly, and send an alert to campus security. The technology is at the leading edge of a rise in camera-based surveillance on campuses across the United States -- a trend that seems likely to intensify in the aftermath of Monday's shooting rampage at Virginia Tech.


- The Hackett Security Team

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