Benefits Of A Integrated Loss Prevention Solution :

Shrinkage - Retail Shrinkage averages 1.54% of Retail Sales. Loss from Shrinkage in 2004 is estimated at $31 Billion.*
  • Employee Theft - 47% of All Shrinkage*
  • Shoplifting - 34% of All Shrinkage*
  • Administration Error - 14% of All Shrinkage*
  • Vendor Fraud - 5% of All Shrinkage*
Safety - Customer and Employee Safety in your store and on your property are always a concern.
  • Be aware of Safety issues in your store
  • Monitor and record video in your parking lot
  • Deter criminal and unwanted activity
Liability - A record can be saved of recorded video and audio for many circumstances.
  • Document Employee Performance
  • Documents on site Behaviors
  • Document Hiring and Firings
Management - Imagine virtually visiting a store with a few mouse clicks on your PC.
  • Access your Store from Anywhere
  • Use Video to Train Employees
  • Document Peak Hours and Off Hours
Marketing - Typically purchased for loss prevention and security, this might be your best marketing tool.
  • Watch Customer Traffic Flow
  • Document Display Effectiveness
  • Learn Customer Habits
  • Profile your Customers
* University of Florida 3004 National Retail Security Survey

- The Hackett Security Team

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