Video Verification Comes Of Age, by Security Systems News

Security Systems News is reporting that video verification systems are coming of age. For those of you who do not know, video verification is the process in which a Security Company will video verify if a situation requires escalation and if so, it will then contact the local authorities. This process greatly helps to reduce the amount of false alarms. They say that by being pushed by new city ordinances with stiff penalties (fines) for false alarms, falling prices of DVR's (Digital Video Recorders), and ROI, video now plays a vital role in Central Station monitoring. In fact, Mike Hackett, my boss and president of Hackett Security, estimates that one in every 10 new accounts is requesting video monitoring, and that rate is increasing more and more as time moves on. Mike also goes on to say that when local authorities know that you are video verifying an alarm, they "have asked us to do a couple of things. One, when we do spot somebody-say we have an auto-body parts lot, where people will come and try to take things-when they trigger motion, police have asked us to hold the camera up live until they get to the site, so that, two when they're on the site, they'll call back to the operators and ask whether we still see someone. We'll say, 'yes,' and they'll let the dog in on them. They love it, because they're not just wandering around a parking lot hoping that somebody's going to jump up and run away. That gets down to the grass-roots level."

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- The Hackett Security Team

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