False Alarm Prevention Guide by City of Mesa, Arizona

The City of Mesa Arizona has compiled a list of tips into a False Alarm Prevention Guide. The city even provides an Alarm Awareness Class, which is something I believe all big city's should consider doing to help prevent false alarms. Click here, for more information, however I have posted some of the best tips below:

  • Make sure that you and your family has been instructed on how to properly operate my alarm system.
  • Make sure that you have the monitoring company telephone # in an easy to locate area for you and your family to use for cancellations, to test my alarm, and to request service.
  • Make sure that you and your family understand that You cannot cancel a robbery/panic alarm activation.
  • Make sure that you conduct periodic testing of the alarm system.
  • Make sure that you instruct any “New” alarm users on how to operate the alarm system, how to cancel a false alarm activation, and will provide them with a proper cancellation code. (“New” alarm users include; house sitters, cleaning crews, realtors, new employees, babysitters, repairmen, and construction crews.)
  • Understand that remodeling may inadvertently cause alarm system problems, so I will contact the alarm company prior to any remodeling. Make sure to also contact the alarm company when the remodeling is complete to reset door/window contacts, and motion detectors to provide optimum alarm coverage again.
  • Make sure to secure all protected doors and windows before arming my alarm system.
  • Building defects such as loose fitting doors or windows can cause false alarms. Please repair as soon as possible.
  • When false alarm activation occurs, follow the alarm company instructions to cancel the alarm activation.
  • Provide all alarm users with a valid cancellation code.
- The Hackett Security Team

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