Tip Of The Day - Sliding Glass Doors

Today's tip is in regards to sliding glass doors and how to keep them secure. Because these doors are usually installed in the rear of a home or apartment, they are prime candidates for entry by a burglar. Aside from keeping such doors locked, here are some more tips to further "harden" the entry of your home.

  • Insert a blocking device, such as a wooden dowel, into the track to further prevent these doors from sliding open.
  • Keep the latch mechanism and the sliding door rollers properly adjusted and in good working condition.
  • Sliding doors are known for being able to be accessed if the door is lifted off of its track. Use an anti-lift such as a through-the-door pin or an upper track screw to prevent such lifting. (These as well as other good quality blocking devices are available in any good quality hardware store.)
  • Use highly visible alarm decals such as a beware of dog sign, a neighbor hood watch sign, or a warning sign notifying burglars of your alarm system
- The Hackett Security Team
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