The Hackett Security, Inc. Tip Of The Day #2 - Lighting

Interior lighting is necessary to show signs of life and activity inside a residence. A dark home night after night sends the message to potential burglars that you are away on vacation. Light timers are an inexpensive and easy to find solution. Typically they are best utilized in both the front and the back windows of your property, with the shades or curtains down. Another good idea is to attach these timers to televisions and radios as this can further simulate someone being home.

Exterior lighting is also very important, as burglars do not want to be seen as they break in or as they are leaving with your goods. Exterior lighting needs to be bright enough for you to clearly see 100 feet. Exterior lighting should always be on a timer to establish a routing and appearance of occupancy at all times. A good idea for your lighting in the back and sides of your home is have exterior lights with motion detectors set to go off if someone crosses their path. These are a very inexpensive way of providing a deterrent plus leaving a light on all day, such as an external garage or porch light is a dead giveaway that no one is there.

These tips are just one more step in making your home an unattractive target to burglars.

- The Hackett Security Team

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