First Biometric Facial Recognition Security System Using RFID Technology Eyes Canadian Market

[08/22/08] @ MoreRFID.com

RFID ProSolutions, Canadian leaders in RFID technology consulting and engineering, and American RFID Solutions, an industry-recognized leading manufacturer and solution provider, have announced a strategic reseller agreement for the distribution of TES, Trusted eSentry Security, a new, innovative biometric facial recognition system in Canada.

TES is a biometric/RFID security system that allows for the automatic identification of individuals using a combination of facial recognition and HF or UHF RFID technology (access cards).

"The ID cards are already used to control access to restricted areas but by adding a second reading of distinctive authenticity through biometric recognition; we've taken security to new heights," said Harold Clampitt, CEO & Founder of American RFID Solutions. "And this is the level of protection confidential information, valuable goods and sensitive environments require."

"The beauty of the system is that there is no central data base that can cause accusations of copying or stealing information," stated Andre Lacaille, President of RFID ProSolutions. "Systems that require prints are known for leaving evidence behind because of the physical contact that is required and therefore the information can be copied."

The system was recognized earlier this year as a Best in Show finalist for the RFID Journal Awards in Las Vegas and has a read rate of 99.999999% which makes this system one of the most secure in the world. The system works independently or through a network to interface with existing systems to form an increased secured perimeter.

"We are extremely excited about introducing this system to Canadian organizations and security integrators; this is an important addition to our portfolio of solutions" says Jebb Nucci, Vice President of Operations for RFID ProSolutions.

About RFID ProSolutions

RFID ProSolutions, a division of ProAction Management Group, offers their services in needs analysis, process design, solution selection and development, implementation and change management support. Specialized in RFID technology, RFID ProSolutions is a project management and solution-driven firm that focuses entirely on bringing the best possible products and the most innovative solutions to meet their customer's business needs.

About American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions is the developer of the Trusted eSentry Security System, TrackStar and eDOTS, and offers turnkey solutions, consulting and products in the areas of active, passive, RTLS, near field and far field RFID technologies. http://americanRFIDsolutions.com

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