The 9 Things You Should Know as a Security Director

Writer Christopher J. Wetzel and online magazine SecuritySolutions.com, part of Access Control & Security Systems, had an excellent article in their July 2008 print and web edition that details the nine major points any security director and/or integrator worth their salt should know about the industry.


With rapidly changing trends and fundamentals, it's best to keep up with what you need to know as a security director for a firm, and with security and the company network becoming symbiotic and security becoming more important to all aspects of business and life, you don't want to waste time figuring it out. The 9 points bulleted are:
  1. Get a security firm that is knowledgeable of computer networking.
  2. IT and security directors should understand each other's model.
  3. Let (or make) your IT director comfortable with security hardware.
  4. Security and IT directors should partner together.
  5. As an integrator, expect to compete with other ROI initiatives.
  6. Software is the new hardware.
  7. Physically test new designs and ideas.
  8. Don't depend solely on technology. Merge the physical and the tech.
  9. An integrator is an integrator, not 3 or 23.

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