The New Trend in Identity Verification

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Biometrics has yet to achieve widespread adoption, or offer the panacea for CSO’s physical and logical access challenges that was predicted. Part of the reason is cost, though more often it’s the installation and usability hassles that stand in the way.

A new trend in identity verification, called “personal biometrics," is dramatically changing the landscape of the biometrics industry – offering any size organization the peace of mind of heightened security – without the cost and complexity.

Top 5 Misconceptions about Biometric Security

1. Biometric security is disruptive, complex and costly to implement. Implementing biometric security no longer requires the installation of specialized biometric readers at every access point. The advanced technology of personal biometric solutions can be deployed overnight because they work with existing systems, including standard door readers for access cards and the Microsoft Operating Systems found on most PC’s, eliminating the need to rip and replace hardware or install software.

2. Biometric security is inconvenient.

Biometrics doesn’t have to involve frustrating user experiences at access points and inconsistent, slow results. The new trend of personal biometrics eliminates the need for shared biometric readers and replaces users’ access cards and passwords with a single token for fast, convenient access everywhere identity verification is required.

3. Biometric security is inherently invasive to personal privacy.

Biometric implementations don’t have to entail employers collecting users’ sensitive biometric data and assuming the liability for protecting it from hackers. With personal biometrics, central repositories of biometric data are no longer necessary.

4. Biometrics is inefficient.

Long lines during periods of high traffic, delays due to a single individual having trouble matching – these historic characteristics of biometric systems have been overcome. New advances in personal, wireless biometric fobs are enabling “on-the-go” mobile biometrics that eliminates traffic back-ups and converges an organization’s physical and IT security functions with a single and simple protocol.

5. Biometrics is considered overkill for the task at hand.

Biometrics can simplify users’ lives while significantly enhancing security. The new generation of personal biometric technology offers tangible benefits to both end users and organizations, including reducing costs, converging physical and IT security and eliminating the management of access cards and passwords –while providing proof-positive identity verification.

This video showcases firsthand Privaris' new approach to identity verification (.wmv).

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