Louisiana courts adopt Emergency Notification System

As per the article posted on the Security Products website, the Louisiana Supreme Court and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, both housed in the French Quarter of New Orleans, are now sharing a centralized Emergency Notification System provided by AtHoc. The necessity came about mainly through the lacking emergency response time during the Katrina hurricane disaster.

The highlights of the article are how integrated this system appears. It can be triggered from a web browser, and includes alerts by phone, SMS text messaging, paging, and desktop popups. Tommy Anderson, director of security for the Louisiana Supreme Court, had this to say: “We can now reach all personnel in the courts on their desktops in an average of one minute....When an emergency occurs, triggering an alert from a single console and achieving that type of response time is critical.”

AtHoc has already partnered with many large important commercial, military, and government entities in the U.S., including the Navy, Army, and even Microsoft. Their network-centric alert systems have become critical to many of these entities, and it appears that more and more organizations are turning to network-based security measures.

The original article on AtHoc's site can be found here.

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