Day Care Centers Use Biometrics To Help Secure Children

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Day Care Centers Use Biometrics To Help Secure Children

When looking for a care provider, parents always want to know that their children will be in a safe and secure environment. And the Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Centers in Plantation and Pembrook Pines, Fla., have added another level of security by installing Schlage FingerKey DX biometric fingerprint scanners.

“The safety and security of our students and staff has always been the most important factor at our centers,” said Renee Johnson, district manager for Tutor Time. “Installing biometric technology was simply a natural progression for us, and we’re glad that we can offer our parents a little added comfort when they leave their most cherished possession -- their child -- in our care.”

The biometric system is part of a two-factor authentication system, requiring a fingerprint and PIN number to verify that only authorized visitors can enter the center.

To enroll children’s families with the system, Tutor Time has parents scan their fingerprints, which are then converted into a series of numbers like a bar code. The biometric unit stores only the template, not the actual fingerprint, to alleviate privacy concerns.

When a parent comes to the centers, they first enter their personal PIN in the unit, much like a bank ATM. After the number is accepted, they place their finger on the FingerKey DX sensor, calling up the stored template.

With a match, the door is unlocked. Verification with the system takes less than two seconds.

“From custody disputes to people just walking in off the streets, school officials must consider security paramount,” said Jon Mooney, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies general manager for Schlage biometrics. “While keys and cards are difficult to secure and manage, schools are also learning that they cannot take the chance of having a single code getting compromised, whether from ex-spouses, former employees, or a simple lost card or key.”

By:Brent Dirks
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