Prevention Is Cheapest Tool Against Shoplifting

"Prevention Is Cheapest Tool Against Shoplifting"
Statesman-Journal (OR) (11/28/06) ; Wilkins, Jimmie

In general, retailers should spend most of their time and resources on preventing shoplifting, not prosecuting shoplifters who have been caught. Deterrence makes better use of resources, and it consists of three main areas: educating employees, incorporating deterrence in store layout, and utilizing security guards and security technology. Employees should be trained to spot the following warning signals: customers carrying "concealment" devices or wearing "concealment clothing"; merchandise hidden on the lower rack of shopping carts; price labels that have been switched; and merchandise like toolboxes or garbage cans in which shoplifters hide stolen items. Store layout should include sufficient lighting in all areas of the store, alarms on unlocked exits, and end-displays that are low in height. In addition, entrances and exits should be in a common area, general displays should be orderly and neat, and small high-priced items should be kept behind the counter or in locked display cases watched by store personnel. Stores should use security devices such as convex wall mirrors, two-way mirrors, and CCTV, while also employing uniformed security guards and undercover detectives.

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- The Hackett Security Team

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