The Hackett Security, Inc. Tip Of The Day #3 - Be A Good Neighbor

One of the most overlooked aspects of home security is being a good neighbor. If you maintain a good relationship with your surrounding neighbors, establish routines, and communicate often, you establish trust. Good neighbors will watch out for each other, and if you mention that you are going to be away on vacation, they will pay even closer attention. Good neighbors can pick up your mail or newspapers and occasionally park their car in your drive way to give the appearance of someone currently living there. Of course or this concept to work you will have to return the favor.
  • Get to know all of your adjacent neighbors.
  • Invite them into your home and establish trust.
  • Agree to watch out for each other’s home.
  • Do small tasks for each other to improve territoriality.
  • While on vacation, pick up newspapers, flyers, etc.
  • Offer to park your car in their driveway.
  • Return the favor and communicate often.
- The Hackett Security Team

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