Avoiding eBay Scammers

In a the book, Dawn of the eBay Deadbeats: True Tales of Treachery, Lies, and Fraud from the Dark Recesses of the World's Largest Online Auction Marketplace, authors Ed and Steve Klink compile a list of scams and bad eBayer's who make eBay shopping a sorry experience.

Here are a few tips to avoid the scams:

  • Be wary if the person requests only one form of payment.
  • Read carefully, some scams depend on a lengthy description that can be deceptive.
  • Never be put off for two weeks on a deal or you risk being unable to stop the credit card transaction.
  • Don't use Western Union or MoneyGram when paying for auction purchases.
  • Ask yourself the following: Who is this person? Is there a sob story? Does this money have to be sent immediately? Does this offer sound too good to be true?

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